Team & Goals

How is SHTO Finance organised?

SHTO Finance is a decentralized working hub for people with a vision to come together and build the future of global finance. Smart contract devs, strategists, statisticians, designers, and artists - anyone can join and contribute.
By investing in SHTO Finance, you are investing in the idea that a group of highly technical individuals can safely, securely, and creatively leapfrog the dinosaurs of traditional finance. The era of decentralized finance is here.

Why is the project anonymous?

Personalities get in the way of projects, and we believe SHTO Finance speaks for itself. By having a team that operates anonymously, even amongst itself, we can focus on providing the best experience for our users.
We urge anyone with concerns that anonymity diminishes credibility to join our Telegram community and Discord Server (links on website) and get a firsthand feeling for the strength and depth of the project.
Last modified 4mo ago