The value of SHTO will rise as more users invest BUSD.


1.1. Enter BUSD in the MINT section and earn daily staking rewards in STHO tokens (6% per day). You can claim your SHTO rewards at any time. You cannot unstake your BUSD.
1.2. You will earn SHTO as a percentage of BUSD invested irrespective of the SHTO Price.
1.3. i.e., If you invest 100 BUSD, you will receive 6 SHTO per day.
2. You have two options with your SHTO; you can sell them for BUSD or stake them to earn more SHTO (10% per day).
SHTO staking is locked for 7 days.


3.1. Total Supply: The maximum amount of SHTO that can exist.
3.2. Circulating Supply: The number of SHTO currently in wallets.
3.3. Available Supply: (Total Supply - Circulating Supply).
3.4. SHTO tokens Price : (Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply) Mint SHTO. As you claim SHTO from minting, it is removed from the Available Supply and added to the Circulating Supply.
4. Sell SHTO - As you sell SHTO, it is removed from the Circulating Supply and added to the Available Supply DYOR! As this is the first one that we are deploying, there is always a risk of uncertainty. Only use funds you can afford to lose.
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